Our skidpan is a large flat concrete surface on which cars can be made to skid in a safe controlled environment.  The surface of the Skid Pan is prepared with a non-toxic solution which when mixed with water simulates the slippery conditions.  In this safe environment we teach you to control, contain and avoid skids.

This is a realistic and effective process of learning Skid Control techniques and the ideal safe environment to test your handling skills. Our Skid Control course is great fun and an educational must for all drivers!  You will be driving standard road cars and our experts will show you how to react to adverse conditions and put you back in control!

Learn how to control a car like the Stig!

We will teach you how to get to grip with understeer and oversteer in our front wheel and rear wheel drive vehicles.  You will have braking exercises in vehicles with ABS and to top it all off a fun time trial against the clock with a small prize for the winner.  We will even email you your completion certificate to take pride of place on your wall!

How doing a fun course like this could save your life!

Believe it or not the next time you are driving in adverse conditions you will be able to remember the fun time you had with us and if/when you need to you can use those skills to keep you safe.

Don’t take our word for it see what our lovely customers are saying about us.

“Amazing skid-pan course. Very informative and really fun.

The instructors were friendly and helped us all feel very safe. The engaging, hands-on teaching made understanding the information really easy.

Would highly recommend.”

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