What should I wear for the Skid Pan course?

Drivers’ clothing must be suitable for an outdoor driving activity. We also suggest you do not wear your best clothes, the solution we use on the skid pan may get on them and it can be tricky to get out.

Do I need a drivers license for the activities?

Drivers for Skid control and 4wd courses must hold a full current driving licence and have at least 3-6 months driving experience. You do not need a driving licence for the karting.

How long are vouchers valid for?

Our vouchers are valid for 18 months.

Can adults race against juniors on the karts?

We never race adults and juniors together for safety/insurance purposes.

Do you have any height or weight restrictions?

We advise max driver height size as 6’6″ and/or 18 stone in weight – however this is just a guide as it is down to personal comfort.

What is the minimum age to start Karting at Drive Tech Ltd?

Our minimum age is 10 years old, you must also be at least 4’8″ (142cm) tall for safety reasons.

I can only drive an automatic car, can I do the Skid Pan and 4wd course?

Unfortunately we only have manual vehicles so you must be able to drive a manual vehicle to do the course.