Steer In The Right Direction, Take Your Driving Skills To The Next Level, Conquer Skids Like A Pro.

Skid With A Smile!

Transform your driving skills with our Skid Courses at Castle Combe Circuit. This isn’t just driving; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of car control, where you’ll gain a full understanding of skidding in a safe and controlled environment. We’re not just talking about theory here. Our expert instructors will guide you through hands-on exercises that teach you how to take charge of your vehicle in the most challenging conditions. Prevention is the best cure, they say. With our Skid Courses, you’ll become a master at reading road conditions and predicting potential skids before they happen.

Are you ready to take control with our fun and exhilarating courses?

skid pan training

Standard Skid Course

Our Standard Skid Pan training Course - Price £110


Premium Skid Pan

Take your skid control skills to the next level! Price £199


1 to 1 Exclusive Skidpan Training

Private 1:1 instruction – bespoke skid pan 1.5 hour training course. Price £299.


Exclusive Skid Pan instruction for 2 People

Private instruction for 2 people – bespoke skid pan training course. Price £498

What is a skid pan?

The Drive-Tech Skid Pan is a large flat concrete surface on which cars can be made to skid in a safe controlled environment.  The surface of the Skid Pan is prepared with a nontoxic solution, which when mixed with water simulates the slippery conditions.  In this safe environment Drivers are taught how to control, contain and avoid skids.

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