Learn life saving driving skills on our unique wet Skid Pan – fabulous gifts for any driver!

This is a realistic and effective process of learning Skid Control techniques and the ideal safe environment to test your handling skills. Our Skid Control course is great fun and an educational a must for all drivers! You will be driving standard road cars and our experts will show you how to react to adverse conditions and put you back in control!

Check out our fantastic Skid Pan courses for yourself…

skid pan training

Standard Skid Course

Our Standard Skid Pan training Course - Price £110


Premium Skid Pan

Take your skid control skills to the next level! Price £199


1 to 1 Exclusive Skidpan Training

Private 1:1 instruction – bespoke skid pan 1.5 hour training course. Price £299.


Exclusive Skid Pan instruction for 2 People

Private instruction for 2 people – bespoke skid pan training course. Price £498

What is a skid pan?

The Drive-Tech Skid Pan is a large flat concrete surface on which cars can be made to skid in a safe controlled environment.  The surface of the Skid Pan is prepared with a nontoxic solution, which when mixed with water simulates the slippery conditions.  In this safe environment Drivers are taught how to control, contain and avoid skids.

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