Skid Pan Training at Castle Combe Circuit

Book your Skid Pan Training at Castle Combe Circuit to Prepare Yourself For This Years Forecast Big Freeze!

Skid Pan trainingAccording to leading forecasters the UK is facing the heaviest snowfalls in years this winter as the country’s first icy blast arrives in November.  They predict this will unleash four months of heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures. Now is the time to get a skid pan training at Castle Combe Circuit day booked!

Temperatures are about to plunge amid predictions of heavy snowstorms and major whiteouts lasting into February.

Weather Experts warn to expect a very “exciting” December. They are even hinting at the possibility of a White Christmas this year.  In fact Skid Pan Training at Castle Combe Circuit would make the perfect Christmas present!

After several mild and wet winters 2016 will buck the trend with the UK now facing the coldest and snowiest for at least six years.

Britons are warned not to be lulled into a false sense of security by the unusually hot September weather and the mild autumn so far.  A dramatic swing towards colder conditions will see temperatures plummet across the country as freezing air sweeps in from the North Pole.

Our Skid Control course is great fun and an educational must for all drivers. In a safe and controlled environment we will help you develop the skills needed to correct and control a sliding car, a situation that you may encounter on the public roads. Not only is this great fun, but more importantly a hugely worthwhile investment in your own and your passengers safety. You will be driving standard rear wheel and front wheel drive road cars.  Our experts (who are mostly ex police drivers) will show you how to react to adverse conditions and put you back in control!

For more information about our range of Skid Pan Courses contact us on 01249 783223.

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