Olympic Team Visits Drive-Tech Skid Pan

Great Britain Olympic Team Visits Drive-Tech Skidpan for their Winter Training

olympic team visits drive-tech

Lizzy Yarnold MBE

Olympic Athletes from the Great Britain Bobsleigh & Skeleton Association based at the University of Bath have just visited the Skid Pan here at Castle Combe before they head back out on the ice training this September.

Their September excursion will take them to the Swiss Olympic Training Centre followed by another at the Sestriere Ice House and Tornio Olympic track.  Spending time on the ice is vital to their chances of success.  So being able to drive in icy conditions is a vital criteria in getting them safely to their training sessions.  After listening to what the athletes wanted the team at Drive-Tech created a bespoke course designed to teach vital driving skills required for the conditions the athletes would experience.

No matter how good we think we are as drivers, heavy rain, ice and snow reduce traction, manoeuvrability and visibility making it easy for any car to skid. At Drive-Tech we offer two levels of skid pan course.

Standard Skid Pan Course

This course covers the process of learning basic Skid Control techniques and is a good safe environment to test your skid handling skills. Our training course is great fun and educational driving both rear wheel and front wheel cars. Our instructors will show you how to react to adverse conditions and put you back in control.

Intensive Skid Course

This is a more detailed course covering advanced techniques covering all the defensive driving of the standard Skid Course. We also cover understeer and oversteer, ABS braking, 4WD in depth.

teamsm skidsm


The Great Britain Skeleton and Bobsleigh teams had a fantastic time at Drive-Tech and have left with some extremely valuable driving skills.

If you would like to learn more about our skid pan courses please call 01249 783010.

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