Get Off Road with Andy Down

Getting Off Road With Andy Down One of Our BORDA qualified 4×4 Instructors

off road1. What’s the philosophy behind Drive-Tech Ltd?

To improve people’s driving skills and for them to have fun and go away having learned something new.

2. What’s the maximum group size you cater for?

It’s a max of 9 drivers doing the full 3 hour course, 3 vehicles with 3 drivers per car.  However, we can cater for more if they combine the 4×4 activity with either the skid pan or the karting.

3. Who makes the best Drivers?

Ladies because they listen

4. And the worst?

Older men as they have to undo a lot of their misconceptions

5. What’s the centre’s unique selling point?

Our friendly informative approach to teaching and the compact course for intensive learning.

6. What’s your most frightening experience as an instructor?

I was once being taken up a hill when the customer suddenly panicked and turned left into a big clump of bushes, before coming down the slope sideways!

7. What three qualities does someone need to be a good off-road driver?

Forward planning level headedness and consideration for others.

8. How much does tuition cost?

We have 2 courses , one where you would be joined by 2 other drivers priced at £120, weekends only and then our 1:1, just you and the instructor priced at £180, on any day of the week subject to an instructor being available

off road9. What vehicles do you use?

We use Landrover Discoveries.

10. Why?

They are very capable off road vehciles, they are comfortable and have forward facing rear seats.

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