Driving in Snow and Ice

Driving in snow and ice is incredibly challenging. Of course, the advice is to not drive unless completely necessary. Most of us, at some point in our lives will face a situation where driving in snow and ice is unavoidable. You can make sure you are prepared for this eventuality by ensuing that you can handle a car in slippery conditions.

At Drive-Tech we train many people each year on our skid pan to drive in dangerous and slippery conditions. From individuals to groups from large companies, we deliver our skid pan courses to drivers of all walks of life.

We offer two levels of skid pan course; one standard course and a premium skid pan course for intermediate drivers who may have already some experience of driving in adverse weather conditions.

It may be a little late for this winter’s heavy snowfall, but why not book a course for when the snow melts so that you, your loved ones, or employees are prepared for next time.

Please contact the office for more information or order our skid pan vouchers online.

Driving in snow and ice

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