This Year Lap it up in Pole Position!

Enjoy a pit stop before the main event…

All the tyre-screeching fun of formula one without breaking the bank, you will love the noise, the skidding on the hairpin bends, the sense of control and the chance to show off.  Not to forget the speed, at full throttle the karts do less than 40mph on the straight but when you’re almost sitting on the floor, that feels fast!  You will not be disappointed.

Conveniently located near Bath, Bristol & Swindon.   Booking your Christmas party with Castle Combe Karting couldn’t be simpler. So go on – book the Christmas party to start all Christmas parties this festive season!

Are you ready? Go Go Go! The only danger is that you will enjoy it!

Whether you want the track for yourselves or you want to join in with others this is the event for you!

We’ve got you covered, Grand Prix Format and trophy presentation to finish – you can take part in an event to remember!

Who can race?

Any one aged 15 and over.  No experience necessary, no driving licence required.

What’s the format?

It’s a simple yet very effective race format built with finding the ultimate champion in mind.

Once you have been signed in, kitted out in your racewear and been through our safety briefing, its race time!

 Start things off with some practice laps to learn the circuit and get to grips with your kart before moving onto the heats. You will get the chance to start 1, 2nd, 3rd & 4th on the grid, with points scored for each place that you finish.

When the green light goes out it’s a fight for the best racing line and a battle to be the first past the chequered flag!  After the heats you are guaranteed at least one final and to cap it all off there is trophy presentation for the top 3 drivers on the podium, you’ll be able to view your personalised lap times and take away a print out if you so wish.

How long is the experience?

The duration of the event  is dependent on numbers booked but as a guide will be between 1.5 hours up to 3 hours long.

What’s included?

– Race-suit and helmet, gloves and balaclava

– Safety briefing

– Print out of Personalised lap times

– Bottle of Water for Each driver

– Trophy presentation

Bath, Bristol and Swindon has plenty of hotspots for you to continue your party!

Enquire today 01249 783010 or email

Party organisers go FREE with bookings of 16 or more drivers.