Charity Karting Event in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

Karting EventOn Saturday 15th July Drive-Tech Ltd are running a Charity Karting Event in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Saturday 15th July is a big BRSCC race meeting at Castle Combe, the charity karting event is taking place in the evening, after the main racing is finished and will feature a number of drivers racing during the day. A number of other multiple car racing champions from both Castle Combe’s local championships and National Championships will also be competing. The Event will feature 24 heats pitching the drivers against each other, before 6 Grand Finals will take place with grids based on results from the heats. The drivers who finish 41st – 48th will line up on the grid for the 1st final, with the top two progressing through into the 2nd final. 33rd-40th from the heats will make up the grid for the 2nd final, with the top two from Final 1 on the back of the grid. With Final 6 being made up of 1st-8th from the heats and the top 2 from Final 2. Each of the finals will be filmed for YouTube to help promote Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Event is limited to 48 drivers, 47 of which will be made up from drivers involved in the Motorsport world, the majority of which are real race car drivers, with other entries being taken up by Motorsport journalists and Commentators. The 48th and final space in the event will be won by a member of the public. During the day on Saturday 15th July Drive-Tech will be running an Arrive and Drive. The fastest Driver from this Arrive and Drive will win free entry into the charity karting event. The Arrive and Drive will be running from 1.00pm – 5.00pm and costs £15 for 10 minute sessions, with £5 from every Arrive and Drive Session going towards Teenage Cancer Trust.

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For more information or to speak to someone about our karting events at Drive-Tech, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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